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Committed to our clients' future through change today©


Legacy Learning Academy is a firm that designs, creates, and facilitates high performance - results driven training programs

We achieve higher results in our clients' performance by clearly understanding and articulating their goals, objectives, and desires - aligning these to individual and organizational beliefs and values - translating this information into training programs that deliver increased knowledge and positive changes in behaviour.

What we do to accomplish all that we say we do - utilize proven adult learning principles - deliver and facilitate training programs in the right medium and at the right time - partner with only the best-of-class organizations - measure our satisfaction and success only in and by the terms of our clients

How would you significantly benefit from engaging Legacy Learning Academy? Achieving all of your long desired goals. Developing and nurturing high-performing people, teams and organizations. Aligning of beliefs and values to actions. Realizing the sense of fulfillment. Having the capacity to achieve more - now and in the future.

Legacy Learning Academy is committed to its clients by providing the best available training programs, tools and support. Only by bringing these resources to bear can we ensure that our clients' future is bright as they face ever increasing business challenges.

The dynamics of today's business environment dictate that companies and their means for success, their human capital, be finely tuned, clearly focused and highly motivated towards the achievement of success. And success must be articulated and measured in terms of: Vision: where you are today and where you need-want-desire to be tomorrow. Goals: benchmarks indicating you are on the path to success. Values: you are not only doing what you need to do, but you are doing it right and in the right way. Commitment: being swayed from your mission is not in your or your team's vocabulary

We know that it takes more than grandiose statements to bring people together to do what they need to do. It takes knowledge, skill, and a process to implement change. And it takes change to bring about results - results that matter. This is where Legacy Learning Academy excels.

By utilizing performance-based training programs, by using a multi-medium delivery methodology (blended learning) and by partnering with best-of-class organizations, we are able to make these changes possible in our clients' people and organizations. After all, when our clients succeed we do too.

Legacy Learning Academy was envisioned and created by Paul A. Buchanan, President. His desire was to create a firm that addressed the issues of today in order to bring about the successes of tomorrow.

We were founded on the principle that it is people, the human capital, that make organizations great and great organizations better. Without the skill, knowledge, and commitment of people no team or organization can ever hope to achieve its desired goals. So it was with this that Legacy Learning Academy was formed.

For over the past two years we have strived to help individuals and companies change what they are doing, how they are doing it and the subsequent end results they are achieving. This endeavour has brought about significant and meaningful transitions in the lives of our clients.

Over our brief history, Legacy Learning Academy has added to its core service offerings by both expanding upon its internally developed training programs and by partnering with best-of-class organizations.

These partners include Orchestrate, SyberWorks and Pixion, all internationally recognized firms. Orchestrate provides one of the most effective sales training and "sales process engineering"© programs found anywhere. SyberWorks, a software technology company, provides a powerful eLearning platform. Meanwhile, Pixion's PictureTalk is a web conferencing solution with few peers.

Having worked with over 1500 individuals in over 30 organizations, the combined experience of Mr. Buchanan and his company is very meaningful to Legacy Learning Academy's future and that of its clients'. As this expanse of knowledge increases and is combined with that of our partners', ever more tangible results will be achieved for our clients.

What does the future hold? We are secure in the future of our clients for it is in their hands that our future lies.

Our Mission: To be catalysts of change for our clients by providing superior training, professional development and coaching programs that directly help them maximize personal and professional performance.

Our Vision: To change the world by making change possible in people, teams and organizations
To be a positive influence in others so that they might do likewise

Our Values: We hold these guiding principles to be true: To provide an environment that encourages and supports continuous learning for all. To enjoy and share the success of achievement with our colleagues and clients. To value the individualís ability. To foster partnership and cooperation
To provide uncompromised client service. To improve and innovate continuously. To be responsible and accountable for our actions and attitude. To take the initiative. To always act with integrity.

Paul A. Buchanan has always been driven to assist others, both individuals and organizations, in achieving more, achieving more by: Identifying needs, wants and desires. Focusing actions to achieve outcomes. Aligning actions to beliefs and values. Recognizing opportunity. Acknowledging one's desire professionally and in life.

This drive manifested itself in the creation of Legacy Learning Academy. By establishing his own firm he was better able to align his beliefs with his own actions: those steps that make dreams a reality.
From early on he demonstrated his desire and ability to influence others. Whether that was in the capacity of a sales executive, financial planner, training professional or performing artist he understood and delivered on guiding and allowing others to fulfill their goals, ambitions, and dreams.

He has never been afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. Passion underscores his and, in his belief, every other person's motivation. If one cannot be true to oneself, by what other measure can one be judged?

But how to manage and align one's beliefs within the perceived constraints of business?
In fact, not only does the above question run contrary to his beliefs, it also inspired his move into training.

A business or a person's profession within that business should not be irreconcilable next to a belief or value. Indeed, beliefs and values should be aligned to the business' goals and a person's function within it.

The above truism is linked directly to Paul's creation of the training program called "The Artisan Program". It is through this program that true professional and personal fulfillment may be achieved.
From this small beginning of one training program he founded Legacy Learning Academy.