Legacy Learning Academy was envisioned and created by Paul A. Buchanan, President. His desire was to create a firm that addressed the issues of today in order to bring about the successes of tomorrow.

We were founded on the principle that it is people, the human capital, that make organizations great and great organizations better. Without the skill, knowledge, and commitment of people no team or organization can ever hope to achieve its desired goals. So it was with this that Legacy Learning Academy was formed.

For over the past two years we have strived to help individuals and companies change what they are doing, how they are doing it and the subsequent end results they are achieving. This endeavour has brought about significant and meaningful transitions in the lives of our clients.

Over our brief history, Legacy Learning Academy has added to its core service offerings by both expanding upon its internally developed training programs and by partnering with best-of-class organizations.

These partners include Orchestrate, SyberWorks and Pixion, all internationally recognized firms. Orchestrate provides one of the most effective sales training and "sales process engineering" programs found anywhere. SyberWorks, a software technology company, provides a powerful eLearning platform. Meanwhile, Pixion's PictureTalk is a web conferencing solution with few peers.

Having worked with over 1500 individuals in over 30 organizations, the combined experience of Mr. Buchanan and his company is very meaningful to Legacy Learning Academy's future and that of its clients'. As this expanse of knowledge increases and is combined with that of our partners', ever more tangible results will be achieved for our clients.

What does the future hold? We are secure in the future of our clients for it is in their hands that our future lies.

Legacy Learning Academy - "Committed to our clients' future through change today".