Legacy Learning Academy's Statements of Fact

Our Mission

To be catalysts of change for our clients by providing superior training, professional development and coaching programs that directly help them maximize personal and professional performance.

Our Vision

  • To change the world by making change possible in people, teams and organizations

  • To be a positive influence in others so that they might do likewise

Our Values

We hold these guiding principles to be true

  • To provide an environment that encourages and supports continuous learning for all

  • To enjoy and share the success of achievement with our colleagues and clients

  • To value the individualís ability

  • To foster partnership and cooperation

  • To provide uncompromised client service

  • To improve and innovate continuously

  • To be responsible and accountable for our actions and attitude

  • To take the initiative

  • To always act with integrity


"Committed to our clients' future through change today"©.