Paul A. Buchanan has always been driven to assist others, both individuals and organizations, in achieving more . . .

Achieving more by . . .

  • Identifying needs, wants and desires
  • Focusing actions to achieve outcomes
  • Aligning actions to beliefs and values
  • Recognizing opportunity
  • Acknowledging one's desire professionally and in life

This drive manifested itself in the creation of Legacy Learning Academy. By establishing his own firm he was better able to align his beliefs with his own actions: those steps that make dreams a reality.

From early on he demonstrated his desire and ability to influence others. Whether that was in the capacity of a sales executive, financial planner, training professional or performing artist he understood and delivered on guiding and allowing others to fulfill their goals, ambitions, and dreams.

He has never been afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. Passion underscores his and, in his belief, every other person's motivation. If one cannot be true to oneself, by what other measure can one be judged?

But how to manage and align one's beliefs within the perceived constraints of business?

In fact, not only does the above question run contrary to his beliefs, it also inspired his move into training.

A business or a person's profession within that business should not be irreconcilable next to a belief or value. Indeed, beliefs and values should be aligned to the business' goals and a person's function within it.

The above truism is linked directly to Paul's creation of the training program called "The Artisan Program". It is through this program that true professional and personal fulfillment may be achieved.

From this small beginning of one training program he founded Legacy Learning Academy.

Paul A. Buchanan


Legacy Learning Academy - "Committed to our clients' future through change today".