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Pixion - creators of PictureTalk, is a Silicon Valley based software company founded in 1995 that designs, develops, and distributes technology enabling collaboration over the internet. This includes voice, data, and visual collaboration on a one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many basis.

With over a hundred clients using the technology for multiple cost savings, revenue generating, and strategic business applications, Pixion's technology can be applied on an enterprise-wide scale, in functional departments, or used spontaneously on a one-off basis via our ASP service offering.

Pixion's patent pending technology provides Internet infrastructure for comprehensive live collaboration applications such as:

The Technology
Pixion's cross platform collaborative technology, enables visual and audio conferencing solutions that enables free and spontaneous exchange of visual imagery accompanied by audio over business networks and the internet. This type of communication technology is referred to as Real Time Collaboration (RTC) technology.

This "inclusive" technology interacts seamlessly over intranets, extranets, and the internet encourages collaboration that transcends the limitations of the traditional web environment including:

Pixion's collaborative technology is licensed as both an enterprise license and a hosted service basis commonly known as an Application Service Provider (ASP).

Pixion's technology has features and functions that include:

  • CaptureFrame™ technology, for live application and desktop broadcasting.

  • Integrated VOIP audio and fully interactive live text chat

  • Quizing and Polling for group assessment and surveying.

  • Meeting registration

  • File attachments - for uploading files associated with meetings

  • Group web surfing

  • Record and playback

Real time communication through Pixion is affordable and effective by combining the power and simplicity of the Web with innovative collaborative computing and telephony technology.

Leveraging the E-Market
With the "digital" economy changing the shape of competition, the speed of action, and the nature of leadership, Pixion's technology enables our customers to be in an excellent position to leverage the e-market today.

Amidst the e-market economy new rules are being driven, companies are being forced to re-examine traditional strategies and structures that are needed to transform their business models to work within the new e-market environment. Pixion's technology supports and drives this shift.

With increased usage of the Internet by both businesses and consumers, Pixion's collaborative technology becomes increasingly more powerful when enhanced with other technologies and traditional market place services. Ultimately, customers and users have an enhanced Internet experience and this can open the door to an extensive array of new opportunities.

Specific Market Applications
Several distinct markets have been targeted to maximize the potential of leveraging Pixion's Infrastructure Technology with Value-added Services. For each of these markets, unique solutions have been structured to achieve solutions in that particular applications niche.

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