What do you need to do today? Whatever you need to do, PictureTalk helps you do it better.

Use our breakthrough web conferencing technology to communicate and collaborate faster, easier, and more cost effectively than you ever imagined. PictureTalk brings you Web conferencing that is:

Individuals and organizations alike enjoy:

Educate and Train – Instantly and Effectively

Tired of the time, expense, and exhaustion of live training events? Want to provide more personal training and after-event support to your students, customers, or employees?

PictureTalk Learn can help. It's the ideal solution for creating high-impact training experiences–delivered across the Web– with all the benefits of personal, real-time participation and none of the hassles of travel.

Our cross-platform capabilities ensure that everyone communicates, whether they're using Windows, Mac, or Unix systems. And with PictureTalk's CaptureFrame technology, we make sure you know when everyone sees what you're saying, because the frame on your screen changes color.

It's easy to use

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Meet and Collaborate – With Immediate Results

Perhaps you’re a salesperson who needs to maximize your time. Or a developer who needs to walk someone through a new program online. Or a designer that needs to collaborate with a team on new revisions. How can you get the information across, show them what you mean, and do so in a personal, efficient manner?

PictureTalk Meet is the answer. In a matter of minutes, you can arrange an online meeting and show your colleagues exactly what you’re saying. Share applications, brainstorm new ideas, have sidebar conversations or conduct a poll to get feedback on which concepts or ideas are favorites. It doesn’t matter if your audience is using a PC, a Mac, Unix or a blend of all three – information and ideas flow seamlessly on PictureTalk.

Powerful, Feature-Rich Capability

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To learn more about how Legacy Learning Academy can implement PictureTalk into your business strategy and operations, we have the following support materials available for you:

PictureTalk Brochure PictureTalk eLearning PictureTalk Web Conference

To find out more about how PictureTalk can change the way you conduct business and improve performance in your organization, contact Legacy Learning Academy via our "Contact Us" link (above).